Quarterly Journal of Applied Issues in Islamic Education- Peer Review Process
Peer Review Process

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Peer Review Process

This process is essentially a quality control mechanism by which experts evaluate manuscripts, and its objective is to ensure a high quality of published science. However, peer reviewers do not make the decision to accept or reject papers. Decision-making authority rests solely with journal editors or the journal’s editorial board and the editor is considered to be central to the decision-making process.
Initial Screening(1-10)days

All the manuscripts submitted go under the initial checking process. During the initial screening, journal editors mainly check the following: 
Does the manuscript fit the Journal’s scope and aim and will be of interest to the readership?
Does the manuscript fully represents the Applied Issues in Islamic Education 
Is the manuscript of minimum acceptable quality and writing good enough to make it worth reviewing?
Is the manuscript compliant with the ISIH’s instructions for authors?

Peer Review(2-4) month

Once a manuscript clears the above-mentioned initial screening, it is sent for double-blind peer review in which names of reviewers and authors are not revealed to each other. A minimum of 2 peer reviewers (up to 4) are chosen for the peer review. Peer reviewers are ideally experts in their field.
The peer review is completed once all the reviewers send the journal a detailed report with their comments on the manuscript and their recommendation.

 Final decision

Editorial board considers the feedback provided by the peer reviewers and arrives at a decision for adopting or reject article. In continue adopt articles are published.


The journal of Applied Issues in Islamic Education follows the policies and guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and abides by its Code of Conduct in dealing with potential cases of misconduct. 
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