Quarterly Journal of Applied Issues in Islamic Education- Aims& Scopes
Aims & Scopes

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Aims and Scope
The main objective of the quarterly journal of Applied Issues in Islamic Education is to publish high-quality applied researches in pedagogical areas including philosophy of education, educational management, and educative psychology with an Islamic approach. By doing so to promote dialogue and debate on formal education issues with the Islamic approach.

Subject area
- Analyzing and presenting the views and ideas of education and training of Muslim thinkers and their applied in formal education.
- The areas and dimensions of education in Islam include religious education, devotional education, moral education, sexual education, political education, and so on with the Islamic approach.
- Designing the applied issues and challenges of the country's education and providing new and argumentative views to the trustees and those involved in achieving Islamic education through the Islamic Revolution
- Evaluation of current goals, programs, and methods in Islamic education in the formal and public education system
- Expansion and dissemination of applied science and knowledge of Islamic education.
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